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To receive an education and live the Dharma at the Heart of Community Life

Life in Dhagpo’s community offers the opportunity to immerse ourselves in all three aspects of practice:

  • Dharma study: by receiving a precise training from qualified teachers and become part of a continuous learning process thanks to the daily on-site curriculum.
  • Meditation: by joining daily group practices and cultivating a personal meditative practice.
  • Daily application : by dedicating oneself to the center’s activities and making the Dharma accessible to as many people as possible, thus testing one’s understanding of meditative study and practice.
These three inseparable aspects transpire as part of a group dynamic that includes the active participation of everyone involved. Due to its interdependent approach, this process stimulates progressive ripening which is associated with the Dharma education provided at the Dhagpo Institute.

Having grown up and developed within a culture that is not founded on Buddhist principles, acquiring an education in Dharma is essential for those who wish to seriously pursue this path. In order to be able to free ourselves from suffering, we need a map to guide our progress in a clear and healthy way. The 16th Karmapa Rangjung Rigpe Dorje laid out the reference texts necessary to learn, contemplate, and meditate on. The 14th Shamarpa, Mipham Chökyi Lodrö, systematized them into a curriculum of learning and practice accessible for all.

For more than a decade, qualified teachers such as Khenpo Chödrak Tenphel Rinpoche and acharyas trained at Shri Diwakar Buddhist Academy in India have taught this curriculum in Europe. In the various Dhagpo centers, students alternate periods of intensive study retreat and review throughout the year. They gather every morning to acquire and deepen knowledge of the Buddhist concepts necessary for fruitful meditation.

Who is the project aimed at?

Anyone wishing to join the Institute’s curriculum by putting into practice the three aspects mentioned above can come and share this way of life over the short, medium or long term.
To be able to welcome more people interested in this authentic Buddhist path, the Institute’s residences are currently being built.

Dhagpo New Residences - View from the common room

The project

– 27 rooms of 20m² with individual bathrooms ;
– a 70 m² living area ;
– 250 m² of healthy storage space in the basement area ;
– a big garden and vegetable patch.

An Environmentally Friendly Project

The future residences aim to be energetically self-sufficient and were designed to reduce environmental impact through high performance insulation, a system to store and produce drinking water, solar panels, etc. Their construction favours the use of local companies and materials.

Support the Project!

The total cost of the project is currently being finalized.
The cost of building the foundations amounts to 1,250,000 Euros
This includes the soil survey, earthworks, excavations, framing,
rainwater harvesting tanks, etc

To support the project you can:

– Make a donation (non-eligible for tax deduction)
– Donate construction materials.

By bank transfer or cheque
Via Paypal

(one-time/regular donation)

Latest news about the project


The Buddha emphasized the preciousness of human existence. According to Jamgön Kongtrül Lodrö Thaye in the Torch of Certainty, five external conditions contribute to this value.

1. སངས་རྒྱས་ཤཱཀྱ་ཐུབ་པ་བྱོན། Shakyamuni Buddha appeared in this world.
2. རྒྱལ་བ་དེས་དམ་པའི་ཆོས་ཟབ་རྒྱས་གསུངས། He taught the Dharma in its depth and breadth.
3. བསྟན་པའང་མ་ནུབ་པར་གནས། His teaching has not declined but persists.
4. བསྟན་པ་དེའི་རྗེས་སུ་འཇུག་པའང་མང་། People follow him.
5. ཆོས་བྱེད་རྣམས་ལའང་སྙིང་བརྩེ་བས་ཟས་གོས་ཡོ་བྱད་སྟེར་བ། People participate with kindness and generosity in maintaining the conditions for the existence of the teaching.

Today, after more than 40 years of combined learning and effort, Dhagpo’s external resources contributing to the sustainability of Buddhism are almost complete. While we rejoice in this magnificent achievement, we should also keep in mind that the nature of our world is one of constant change.
Nothing is ever certain. Therefore, it is important to continue to nurture these favorable conditions–to continually create the causes for them by learning the Dharma, practicing its meditation, and applying it for our own benefit and that of others.

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Support Sharing the Dharma

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Sponsor a Rumtek’s Ritual

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