The Institute’s New Residences

17 Apr 2024

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Continuing to Inscribe the Dharma into the French Patrimony

The arrival of the Buddha’s teaching in Europe is recent; the Dharma is not yet part of our Western culture. Creating sustainable conditions for its existence notably requires building places like the Institute’s residences.

Indeed, these residences will allow for practitioners engaged in the preservation and diffusion of the Dharma to have decent living conditions, and they will allow those who have the wish to immerse themselves in the three aspects of practice (Dharma learning, meditation, and application in daily life) to do so by participating in community life.

This project needs your support.

Dhagpo New Residences - View from the common room

Support Your Dharma Learning…
by Supporting the Institute’s Residences Project.

Practitioners study The Entry to the State of a Pandita in the context of the learning and meditation curriculum. The translation team of Dhagpo’s Institute has translated the first chapters.

We have created a box of vocabulary cards of the aggregates and the fifty-five mental events.

The box costs 50€ and the entirety of the benefits go toward the Institute’s Residences Project.

The Entry to the State of a Pandita

The teachings that belong to the collection of the Abhidharma present and categorize all that is to know: those said to be outer phenomena (the world and things) and those said to be inner phenomena (our thoughts and consciousness). Correctly identifying phenomena for what they are allows us not to misinterpret them.

The Entry to the State of a Pandita is a text written by the 1st Mipham Rinpoche (1844–1912 CE) that belongs to the Abhidharma. The first chapter covers the five aggregates and shows that what we consider as our identity designates a psycho-physical composite made up of forms, sensations, distinctions, conditioning phenomena, and consciousness.

Presentation of the Project During Karmapa's Visit in August 2023
You can acquire vocabulary boxes at Dhagpo (at the welcome office and the library). Don’t hesitate to contact us ( with any questions.
Les résidences de l’Institut de Dhagpo


Dhagpo New Residences

To receive an education and live the Dharma at the Heart of Community Life

Project overview and donation bulletin

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