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Living the Three Aspects of Practice

In 1975, Mr. Benson offered the 16th Karmapa a piece of land and a farmhouse in the Dordogne for the creation of a Buddhist center. In 1977, Karmapa named this place Dhagpo Kagyu Ling “the transmission place of Gampopa’s lineage” and made it his European seat. The Dhagpo Kagyu Ling Association was founded to organize the teachings there. In 1988, “Karmé Dharma Chakra” became the first Buddhist monastic congregation recognized by the French government.

Thanks to the contributions of many teachers, benefactors and volunteers, the center’s activity has gradually expanded. Today, Dhagpo’s rich and varied program offers many opportunities to better understand and live Buddhism through its threefold practice of study, meditation and daily application. Each of these practices consists of listening to the teachings, reflecting on them, and becoming familiar with them.

“Dhagpo Kagyu Ling is a place where authentic Dharma teaching can be shared for the benefit of all beings. […] Let us rejoice. Let us appreciate together what this environment can bring to cultivate compassion and wisdom for all sentient beings.”

Thaye Dorje, the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa

Learning the Dharma

The practice of study gives appropriate direction to our meditation and daily life and allows us to know what to cultivate and what to give up in order to progress on the path.

Everyone can study the essential concepts and fundamental texts of Buddhism at their own pace. A progressive curriculum led by Lama Jigme Rinpoche offers themes to study and meditations to apply based on the curriculum developed by the teachers of the lineage.

Studying in a group and training in presenting what you have learned to others is part of the learning process that allows for both not forgetting and clarifying understanding.

Practicing Meditation

Meditation, also called introspection or familiarization, has two aspects: mental calm and higher vision. Mental calm consists in turning one’s gaze inward and training oneself to remain in mind’s natural state free of all agitation. From there, the meditation of the higher vision leads to a deep, experience-based knowledge of our true nature and that of the world of appearances.

Courses and retreats held throughout the year at Dhagpo offer different ways to approach and deepen meditation.

Regular meditation practices open to all, at Dhagpo and online, allow everyone to continue their meditative training, alone and in groups, at home and at Dhagpo.

Daily Implementation

Daily implementation consists of training in the application of the Dharma based on the understanding gained through study and meditation. This training consists of acting in a beneficial way and avoiding harmful acts, thus enabling us to gather favorable conditions. It supports our progress on the path to liberation from suffering by giving us the opportunity to evaluate our progress ourselves from day to day.

Dhagpo’s activity offers many opportunities to cultivate the six enlightened qualities of generosity, refreshing conduct, patience, perseverance, mental stability and discernment.
Depending on the needs of the center and your skills and availability, it is possible to participate in Dhagpo’s activity on an occasional or regular basis, or by immersing oneself in community life.


Il y a plus de 2500 ans, le prince indien Siddartha prenait conscience du mal-être et de l’insatisfaction inhérents à notre vie humaine. Aspirant à s’en libérer, il abandonna sa vie princière pour suivre les enseignements de plusieurs ermites renonçants et pratiqua diverses austérités.

The Transmission Lineages

The Transmission Lineages

Au fil des siècles, les paroles et les méthodes du Bouddha ont été transmises en Inde et dans toute l’Asie, d’enseignants accomplis à étudiants, constituant ainsi différentes lignées de transmission authentiques.

Spiritual guides

Spiritual guides

Siège européen de la lignée de transmission Karma Kagyü, le centre d’étude et de méditation Dhagpo Kagyu Ling est actuellement placé sous la guidance spirituelle de Thayé Dorjé, le 17e Gyalwa Karmapa et de Jigmé Rinpoché, son représentant en Europe.

Becoming Anchored in Europe<br />

Becoming Anchored in Europe

En réponse à la requête de ses étudiants occidentaux, le 16e Karmapa a envoyé en France en 1975 d’éminents lamas et a expliqué que cinq ressources complémentaires étaient nécessaires pour que l’enseignement du Bouddha s’ancre en Europe.