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Dhagpo’s Program

Cultivate Your Inner Wealth

Everyone aspires to lasting happiness free from all suffering. Living in a complex and constantly changing society generates confusion and dissatisfaction. For twenty-five centuries, the Buddha’s teachings have invited us to cultivate our inner wealth by developing kindness and discernment.

Even today, the values conveyed by Buddhism lead us to better express our humanity by taking care of ourselves, others, and the world. Through the three aspects of practice–study, meditation and daily practice–we become more aware of how we perceive our environment and our true nature.

“It is important that the Institute be able to provide all the necessary means to improve our life; our way of being; our relationship with others and the world.”

Lama Jigme Rinpoche

Choosing a Course and an Activity

How can we identify the teachings that correspond to our needs in Dhagpo’s rich and varied program? To help us orient ourselves, the courses are divided into three areas​: Discovery, Institute and Meditation.

Discovery - Access New Resources


Access New Resources

Courses :

  • Exploration allow us to value of the Buddha’s teaching and its timeless message, the center and the opportunities it offers, and–progressively–our own value or inner wealth.
  • Resources allow us to access resources that help us face the challenges of everyday life, to live with awareness, and to better understand our functioning and our relationships with others.
  • Introduction allow us to discover the essential notions of Buddhism and prepare for the Institute and Meditation courses.
Institute - Deepen Your Understanding


Deepen Your Understanding

Studying the essential notions and fundamental texts of Buddhism allows us to :

  • Acquire knowledge that changes our vision of ourselves and our environment;
  • Give a direction to our meditation and our daily life;
  • Know what to cultivate and what to give up in order to progress on the path.
Meditation - Calming and Clarifying the Mind


Calming and Clarifying the Mind

Associated with key notions of Buddhism, meditation allows you to:

  • Become familiar with relaxation and awareness useful to daily life;
  • Cultivate an inner view and train oneself to remain in the natural state of mind, free of agitation ;
  • Unveil a deep, experiential knowledge of our true nature and that of the world of appearances.