Becoming Anchored in Europe

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Becoming Anchored in Europe

Five additional resources

In response to requests from his Western students, the 16th Karmapa, Rangjung Rigpe Dorje (1924-1981), sent eminent lamas to France in 1975, including Jigme Rinpoche and Gendun Rinpoche (1918-1997). They offered their services to those interested in discovering the Buddhist path by transmitting the fundamental and advanced teachings of the Karma Kagyü lineage. Over the years, an increasing number of people have wanted to seriously engage in this path of wisdom.

In order for Buddhism to take root and endure in Europe, the Karmapa explained that five additional resources were needed.

Rangjung Rikpe Dorje, the 16th Karmapa, with Bernard Benson (donor of the land) and gendarmes passing through, in 1977
A network of study and meditation centers for offering access to buddhism

A Network of Study and Meditation Centers

For Offering Access to Buddhism

A network of centers and nearly seventy local branches in France and in Europe allow anyone interested to discover and learn about Buddhism and to meditate regularly near their homes.
A Network of Libraries For Preserving the Teachings and Making Them Accessible

A Network of Libraries

For Preserving the Teachings and Making Them Accessible

The Dhagpo Kagyu Library, which houses an exceptional collection of Western and Tibetan literature available to all–from the casual visitor to the academic researcher–has expanded to other locations. Today a network of Dhagpo Kagyu libraries exists in multiple countries.
An institute for acquiring precise knowledge of the teachings

An institute

For Acquiring Precise Knowledge of the Teachings

A Buddhist institute allows for the translation and in-depth study of the fundamental texts under the guidance of Buddhist scholars who are able to transmit the profound meaning of the teachings thanks to their own experience.
Retreat centers for deepening meditation practice

Retreat centers

For Deepening Meditation Practice

Traditional retreat centers allow for intensive practice under strict conditions over a long period of time.
Hermitages open to the public offer conditions for deepening meditation practice over short or medium periods of time.
A Monastery<br />
For Sustaining a Living Tradition

A Monastery

For Sustaining a Living Tradition

The monastery allows practitioners to devote their lives to the three aspects of practice in a monastic setting. A large temple brings together monks, nuns and lay practitioners to receive teachings and practice together.


Il y a plus de 2500 ans, le prince indien Siddartha prenait conscience du mal-être et de l’insatisfaction inhérents à notre vie humaine. Aspirant à s’en libérer, il abandonna sa vie princière pour suivre les enseignements de plusieurs ermites renonçants et pratiqua diverses austérités.

The Transmission Lineages

The Transmission Lineages

Au fil des siècles, les paroles et les méthodes du Bouddha ont été transmises en Inde et dans toute l’Asie, d’enseignants accomplis à étudiants, constituant ainsi différentes lignées de transmission authentiques.

Spiritual guides

Spiritual guides

Siège européen de la lignée de transmission Karma Kagyü, le centre d’étude et de méditation Dhagpo Kagyu Ling est actuellement placé sous la guidance spirituelle de Thayé Dorjé, le 17e Gyalwa Karmapa et de Jigmé Rinpoché, son représentant en Europe.

Dhagpo Kagyu Ling

Dhagpo Kagyu Ling

En 1975, M. et Mme Benson ont offert au XVIe Karmapa un terrain et un corps de ferme en Dordogne pour y établir un centre bouddhiste. En 1977, Karmapa a nommé ce lieu Dhagpo Kagyu Ling, le lieu de transmission de la lignée de Gampopa, et en a fait son siège européen.