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The karmapas of the past have collected and transmitted meditation practices, which are still performed monthly at Rumtek Monastery in India today. A monthly calendar of these practices has been drawn up at Tsurpu monastery in Tibet. It was reset at Rumtek monastery by the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa and is still used as a reference today.

This calendar follows the lunar calendar, and practices are added to daily rituals and specific events (Tibetan New Year, Drupchös, etc.).

• Day 3: White Tara (morning) and Tseringma (afternoon)
• Day 8: Gyalwa Gyamtso (morning) and Milarepa’s Guru Yoga (afternoon)
• Day 10: Tsenchu (morning) and Shinkyong (afternoon)
• Day 13: Garsang
• Day 15: Korlo Demchok (morning) and Tangla
• Day 18: Namsé riksum
• Day 23: Specific Green Tara practice (morning) and Dorje Pamo (afternoon)
• Day 25: Guru Rinpoche (Tukdrup) (morning) and Dorje Pamo (long version)
• Day 29: long Mahakala
• Day 30: Künrik

You can join in by sponsoring a day. A day of practice costs approximately €350. This sum includes ritual-related expenses (substances for making tormas, offerings, tsok, etc.), food for the monastic community, and so on.

Contributing to these practices allows you to:

Dedicate this merit for a sick or deceased loved one who will benefit from it to face the difficulties they are encountering

Gather the necessary merit to progress on the path towards liberation from suffering.

Finally, if you’ve been on a traditional three-year retreat, meditative practices of eminent Yidams have been transmitted to you. These practices must not be carried out discontinuously. Restore your commitments when you have received certain transmissions and are not able to perform these practices continuously.

You can contribute to these practices, individually or with a group, on a one-time or regular basis.

How to proceed:

1. By bank transaction :

The German foundation Infinite Compassion will manage your donation.
You will then receive a receipt from the German foundation, and you will need to contact your tax authorities to check if the donation is tax-deductible in your country.

See bank details below:

Infinite Compassion Deutschland e.V.

• IBAN : DE38 6645 0050 0004 8725 62
• Banque: Sparkasse Offenburg

2. Send a message

Once the transfer has been made, please send an email to info@infinite-compassion.de indicating :

  • – your name and adress
  • – your phone number
  • – your email adress
  • – the amount and the bank transaction day
  • – name of the ritual (if you have any rpeference)
  • – the name(s) of the person(s) you wish to associate with this ritual

This data is required by the tax authorities in India.

The message must be sent in English. If you don’t speak English, the following online translator can help you.

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