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The Madhyamaka school of thought Initial approach

Update 11/01/2024
According to the school of thought of the middle way (madhyamaka), all phenomena are emptiness and without identity. This school of thought is thus named because its tenants consider that all phenomena neither exist nor non-exist, neither both at once, or neither one nor the other. Khenpo Samdrup introduces this view of the great vehicle through the explanation of four points that sum up the Bouddha’s teaching, often known as the four seals, the second part of the Gateway to Knowledge from Mipham Rinpoché.
Khenpo Samdrup

Khenpo Samdrup Rinpoché was born in 1975 in Tibet. He became a monk at the age of eleven, studied Tibetan literature for seven years and accomplished retreats at the Dhongtsang monastery (Tibet). In 1993, he received the entirety of teachings on the Path and the Fruit from Luding Khenpo. Then he joined the shedra (monastic university) of Dzongsar where he studied philosophy and the vajrayana. During this period, he also received important teachings from His Holiness Sakya Trinzin. Finally, in 2016, Kyabjé Dzongsar Khyentsé Rinpoché named him as principal khenpo at Dzongsar shedra where he continues to be the abbot.


• Beginning of the teaching: Wednesday 21 at 10:00 a.m.
• Translations: This teaching is given in Tibetan and translated into French. If you wish to follow this teaching in another language (german, english, or spanish), we ask that you kindly fill-in this request form before Wednesday February 14.

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