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The Sutra of Aspirations for Excellent Conduct

Thaye Dorje, His Holiness the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa explains the importance of the Five Royal Sutras that make up the paths of practice. Among them, the Sutra of Aspirations for Excellent Conduct, also known as Samantabadhra’s Wishing Prayer, represents the path of aspiration. The bodhisattva Samantabhadra’s wishing prayers are a model for all to follow. They are recited regularly by practitioners of all traditions and are a path that, as Karmapa says, “is a way of consciously dreaming.”

After having clarified the meaning of the Heart Sutra, which presents the path of view, Trinlay Rinpoche will begin the detailed explanation of the second of the Five Royal Sutras.

Thinley Rinpoche
Trinlay Rinpoche, born in 1975, was recognized as a tülku—manifestation of a Buddhist master—by the 16th Karmapa (1923–1981 C.E.). He brings together a Western academic education and in-depth Buddhist training under the guidance of eminent masters like the 14th Shamarpa. His dual culture, his mastery of three languages (English, French, and Tibetan), and his ability to communicate the depth of Buddhist thought in an accessible way make him an exceptional teacher.


•  Translations: This teaching is given in English and translated into French. If you wish to listen to this course in another language (German or Spanish), please complete this form prior to Wednesday, August 14th.

Useful Texts:

•  Find explanations given by Karmapa as well as the five sutras in the booklet The Five Royal Sutras, published by Shri Diwakar Publications
You can find the translation of the sutra and a commentary by Shamar Rinpoche in The King of Prayers: A Commentary on The Noble King of Prayers of Excellent Conduct (Rabsel Publications, 2022)
• In order to allow the greatest number of people possible to attend this teaching, we are also making it available via streaming on YouTube.

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