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New Years Ceremonies

Monday 5 to Friday 9 February 

Great Protector Ritual

Traditionally, the period around New Year’s is considered positive for the purification of mind’s veils and for spiritual accomplishments. During the five days preceding the Tibetan New Year, we carry out the ritual dedicated to the Dharma Protectors. The goal of this practice is to purify the negativities of the past year. Practitioners are welcome to attend.

Saturday, February 10 

Tibetan New Year, Year of the Wood Dragon

The day of the Tibetan New Year, the first new moon of the year, is a particularly important day for Dharma Practice.

Tuesday, February 13

Smoke Purification Ritual

The fourth day of the New Year, this ritual allows us to make offerings to all classes of beings in order to create positive conditions for the coming year. At this time, we also change the long, five-colored banners.

During the traditional offering ceremonies on Friday, February 12, a kata offering will take place. If you wish, you may take part by purchasing a kata online (see Paypal button below). It will be offered by the practitioners present in person.
– Cost for one kata: 5 €
– Deadline for online kata offerings: Saturday, February 10

Cérémonies du nouvel an
YoutubeOn Youtube: 10 February at 11am
Traditional Offering Ceremony