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The treatise that distinguishes knowledge oriented towards objects of primordial wisdom

Update 11/01/2024

This text from the III Karmapa, Rangjung Dorjé (1284 – 1339), distinguishes the way knowledge oriented towards objects manifests and operates and primordial wisdom. In other words, it provides understanding of the difference between the mind of an enlightened being and the confusion in the mind of an ordinary being, despite the fact that the nature of the two are identical. The explanation of the text will be detailed and rigorous, and based on scriptural sources. To study this key work of the Karma Kagyu tradition constitutes a prerequisite for those who wish to integrate serious meditative practice on their path.
Dhongtsang Shabdrung Rinpoché

Dhongtsang Shabdrung Rinpoché, the fourth to this name, known for his great scholarship, recognized as the incarnation of Sangyé Yéshé (832 – 902), one of twenty-five heart disciples of Padmasambhava.  Despite being part of the Sakya lineage, he received the most important transmissions and empowerment cycles from masters of different schools, among them being Thayé Dorjé, His Holiness the XVII Gyalwa Karmapa.  He is currently the principal instructor at Dhongtsang monastery (China). 


• Although accessible to all, this teaching demands a familiarization with buddhist notions.
• Beginning of the teaching: Tuesday, March 5 at 10:00 a.m.
• Translations: This teaching is given in Tibetan and translated into French. If you wish to follow this teaching in another language (german, english, or spanish), we ask that you kindly fill-in this request form before Saturday February 24.

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