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Introduction to the Mental Events

The Abhidharma presents the functioning of the human mind from the Buddhist point of view. There are various methods for training the mind, but all require a foundational understanding of how it functions. Khenpo Mriti will introduce us to the mental events based on the Abhidharma of the great vehicle and the Abhidharma of the foundational vehicle.

The first day will be dedicated to the origins of the Abhidharma, and the second and third days will be dedicated to studying the mental events. The last, we will explore the influence of these phenomena on our daily life and their impact on our conduct.

Khenpo Mriti


Khenpo Mriti is a PhD candidate from McGill University, currently writing his dissertation, which focuses on Buddhist psychology in the Tibetan Abhidharma Tradition.


Translations: This teaching is given in English and translated into French. If you wish to listen to this course in another language (German or Spanish), please complete this form prior to Sunday, June 23.

Course Fee: 20 €/day

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