About Audrey

Born in a small village at a time when TV was still black and white without remote, a time without Internet, a time with films in her camera. Books were her best friends and kept her company during her teenage hood. She learned English, Spanish, Chinese and Tibetan languages. Speaking to the persons she met was an amazing door to their souls. She is now an amateur photographer, a free lance translater and a volunteer at Dhagpo Kagyu Ling.

The Seal of Blessing

On November 2, 1977, the 16th Karmapa, Rangjung Dorje (1924 – 1981), carried out a week of Korlo Demchok practice, a profound Vajrayana practice, at the summit of the Cote de Jor.

Through this intensive practice, 16th Karmapa took possession of the place and, on this autumn day, sealed the blessing of the Karma Kagyü lineage […]

The Library: A Step Toward Freedom

Dhagpo’s fortieth anniversary is also the birth of a library. I won’t recount in this article the history of the library that, today, is open to all and houses several thousand works; I’ll let you click here if you’d like to discover it.
What I’d like to talk with you about, on the other hand, is […]

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