The monks of Zimchung

The past karmapas transmitted meditation practices that have been passed down and kept alive up through today. A monthly calendar of these practices was established at the monastery in Tsurphu, Tibet. It was set up again by the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa at Rumtek Monastery and continues today.

This calendar follows the lunar calendar and is observed in addition to daily rituals and specific events (the Tibetan New Year, drupchös, etc.).

  • 3rd Day: White Tara (morning) and Tseringma (afternoon)
  • 8th Day: Gyalwa Gyamtso (morning) and) Milarepa’s Guru Yoga (afternoon)
  • 10th Day: Tsenchu (morning) and Shinkyong (afternoon)
  • 13th Day: Garsang
  • 15th Day: Korlo Demchok (morning) and Tangla
  • 18th Day: Namsé Riksum
  • 23th Day: Specific Practice of Green Tara (morning) and Dorje Pamo (afternoon)
  • 25th Day: Guru Rinpoche (Tukdrup, morning) and Dorje Pamo (long version)
  • 29th Day: long Mahakala
  • 30th Day: Künrik

It is possible to take part in these practices by sponsoring a day. A day of practice costs approximately 350 €. This includes expenses connected with the rituals (torma ingredients, offerings, tsok, etc.), food for the monastic community, etc.

Why take part in these practices?

The Shamarpas Monastery in Rumtek

When a loved one or someone we know is ill or has passed away, dedicating a day of these practices in their name connects them with the merit they need to best face the difficulties they are confronted with.

Furthermore, participating in a beneficial action that allows us to bring together the provisions of merit for progress on the path toward liberation from suffering contributes to our development as well.

Lastly, if you have carried out a traditional three-year retreat, you received the transmission of eminent yidam meditation practices. These practices must not be discontinued. If you are not able to accomplish them at least once a month due to lack of time or other circumstances, connecting with Rumtek’s practices contributes to restoring your commitments.

It is possible to take part in these practices via sponsorship individually or as part of a group and on a one-time or a monthly basis.

How to sponsor:

1.- Effectuez votre virement : 

The German foundation Infinite Compassion will ensure that your donation reaches the monastery.

You will then receive a receipt from the German foundation. You will need to contact your tax authorities to check whether the donation is tax-deductible in your country.

See bank information below:

Infinite Compassion Deutschland e.V.
IBAN : DE38 6645 0050 0004 8725 62
Bank: Sparkasse Offenburg


2.- Send a message

When you have sent the bank transfer, please send an e-mail to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. that specifies:

  • Your name and address
  • Your telephone number
  • Your e-mail address
  • The amount and the date of the transfer you sent
  • The name of the ritual (if you have a preference)
  • The name or names of the peoples you would like to connect with the ritual

This information is required by India’s tax administration.

The message must be sent in English. If you are not a native English speaker and are unsure of how to formulate the message, this online translator can help.


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