17th Gyalwa Karmapa"Buddhism is a way of life through which we develop the qualities of our mind.
This way of life is very unusual, as it is a means to attain happiness without harming others.


Understanding Reality: The Four Seals (Continuation) - Complementary Instructions on Emptiness

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Khenpo Chodrak Rinpoche


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Saturday, October 17—Sunday, October 18
and Saturday, October 24Sunday, October 25.
10 a.m to 11:30 a.m


Authentic application of Buddhism is based on turning to the Buddha, the Dharma (his teaching), and the Sangha (the guides along the path) for aid.  This refuge practice presupposes knowing the qualities of the three jewels as well as the context in which they work. This is what Khenpo Chodrak Rinpoche transmitted in his course on the four seals—impermanence, suffering, emptiness, and nirvana—last July. Emptiness is an important topic as many practitioners contemplates its various aspects and integrate it into their meditation. Nevertheless, such meditation does not arise on its own, and many errors and mistakes are possible all along the path. Based on Milarepa’s instructions, Khenpo Chodrak Rinpoche points out the different traps one can fall into in one’s practice of meditation on emptiness.


The teaching, given in Tibetan and translated into English, will be available on Karma Samphel Ling’s YouTube channel. A simultaneous translation into French will be availa-ble of Dhagpo Kagyu Ling’s YouTube channel along with Spanish and German translations.

Following the livestream, the teaching sessions will remain available on their respective YouTube channels.

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We do our best to broadcast the teachings live. However, as is often the case with these technical activities, we are dependent on various circumstances beyond our control (network quality, weather, etc.

In the case of a technical problem just before or during the teaching, we will choose a solution adapted to the situation in order to make the teaching available. We will inform you as soon as possible on this page. We therefore invite you to consult it in case of problems.

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The Dhagpo team.  

DE wir bemühen uns, die Erklärungen als Livestream zur Verfügung zu stellen. Technik hat aber auch ihre Tücken und es können unerwartete Fehler auftreten. Zudem benötigen wir günstige Bedingungen, wie zum Beispiel ein stabiles Internet, das in der Dordogne oft durch schlechtes Wetter beeinflusst wird.  

Falls es zu derartigen Problemen kurz vor oder während einer Sitzung kommen sollte, werden wir - KSL und Dhagpo - die Erklärungen im Nachhinein zur Verfügung stellen und euch so bald als möglich auf unserer jeweiligen Website darüber informieren. Bitte schaut in dem Fall also hier vorbei. 

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In general, when we physically attend this type of teaching, we take part in course fees that cover the expenses the center incurs to make Dharma transmission possible.
In light of the current circumstances and the transmission via Youtube intended for the greatest number of people possible, these teachings will be open-access and free of charge.

Logo de Knowledge RisingIn order to expand this generosity further—according to Khenpo Chodrak Rinpoche’s wishes—you may make a donation to the French humanitarian association Knowledge Rising, which is active in Nepal at Sharminub, Shamar Rinpoche’s large humanitarian, educational monastic center. (insertion du lien direct vers la page de soutien du site de Knowledge Rising).

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