17th Gyalwa Karmapa"Buddhism is a way of life through which we develop the qualities of our mind.
This way of life is very unusual, as it is a means to attain happiness without harming others.


Commemorating Shamarpa's Parinirvana with Karmapa in Kalimpong

Times and Recognition - Sunday, June 4th, preparatory rituals continue.  The sand mandala is not finished and the mandala makers are busy while we perform the ritual, finishing at the end of the morning. Just about three hours of puja (for those who are familiar with it:  we practiced the dakyé – visualization of oneself – and a tsok – a festive offering –  of Gyalwa Gyamtso).

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Commemorating Shamarpa's Parinirvana with Karmapa in Kalimpong

Considerations on drupcho (and its gastronomy) - A drupcho is a compassionate mechanism, an awakening process that dissipates obscuration and generates blessings. What is a drupcho? It is an intensive practice of a specific meditation deity over several days and in a group, in our case, Gyalwa Gyamtso, red Chenrezig.

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Commemorating Shamarpa's Parinirvana with Karmapa in Kalimpong

Weariness to fundamental thoughts - Today the Gyalwa Karmapa did not lead the drupcho.  He came at the very beginning, walked around the mandala then went away.  Just the same, everything went as if he was there.  A little more intense and a little longer each day (the first day, we began at 8:00 then at 7:00, then 6:30 with the end of the day remaining at about 7:00 p.m.).

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Commemorating Shamarpa's Parinirvana with Karmapa in Kalimpong

Speed, fire and possible distraction - This time it started at 6 am (half an hour earlier than expected, luckily we were warned 10 minutes ahead of time). The Gyalwa Karmapa was not present, but Lodro Rabsel and Shabdrung Rinpoches arrived the day before and joined us for the ritual of course. And most importantly, the altar of the temple was decorated with the stupa of Shamarpa with its relics.

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Commemorating Shamarpa's Parinirvana with Karmapa in Kalimpong

A pile of sacred sand and a publishing house - The morning is devoted to the conclusion ritual; it is the ritual Gyalwa Gyamtso accomplished daily, but without the slow melodies and read at a human speed. In the ritual, there is a phase called "self-empowerment".

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Commemorating Shamarpa's Parinirvana with Karmapa in Kalimpong

Finally, the river The departure is scheduled at 9am, and it is after 10am that the procession begins to descend towards the river. Before that, the urn with the sand from the mandala is shepherded in great pomp (the words here are weak) to the truck, the first vehicle in the long convoy, after the police van with sirens blaring, followed by the car with the Karmapa then a dozen vehicles including two small dump trucks full of motley monks.

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Commemorating Shamarpa's Parinirvana with Karmapa in Kalimpong

Education and transmissions The multitudes of competencies which roll out during the drupcho are the fruit of difficult training of preserving and passing down of knowledge which takes years.  Here are some of the Karmapa’s educational projects along with the links to the activity in France.

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Commemorating Shamarpa's Parinirvana with Karmapa in Kalimpong

Enthusiasm ! We could say that Karmapa closed the ceremonies of Shamar Rinpoche’s parinirvana with the transmission of long life. Hundreds of Tibetans, Indians, and Nepalese gathered to receive it. Before the transmission, Karmapa taught in Tibetan (translated into Nepalese). Then, he gave a shorter summary in English.

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June 11, 2017, three years after Shamar Rinpoche's passing, we paid homage with a day of practice dedicated to the ritual of Amitabha Buddha and closed with an offering feast (tsok).

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Dear friends, next Saturday, we will celebrate Karmapa's birthday, May 6. This day will be dedicated to the practices of study and meditation.

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Young adult course, in Dhagpo  –  1rst  and 2nd april 2017. An opportunity for eighteen to twenty-five year olds to discover the Buddha's teaching over the course of a weekend through dialogue, various exercises, and the chance to try out meditation for the first time.

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Dear friends,
All of us here at Dhagpo Kagyu Ling are happy to share Karmapa's latest announcement, posted on his website.
Following in the footsteps of great enlightened beings such as Padmasambhava, the 15th Karmapa and the late Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, may the wisdom union of His Holiness and Rinchen Yangzom benefit the Kagyu Lineage and countless beings.
The Dhagpo team

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Right now in New Delhi, the spring course of Thaye Dorje, the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa, is taking place at the  Karmapa International Buddhist Institute (KIBI).

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nouvel an tibétain

May the wisdom arising from meditation and study of the teachings guide our activity for others! [...]

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