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Travel Log - In Nepal and India with lama Puntso

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December 6, 2017

The Children of Sharminub

Sharminub monastery was created with the purpose of study and practice as well as preserving the monastic vows and the vinaya. Of course, these projects are underway, but an unintended function arose: an orphanage and a school for children.

In 2015, at the time of the earthquake in Nepal, the Tagdha School near Kalimpong which is part of the education project of Gyalwa Karmapa began to receive poor children and orphans.  But the tense political situation at the border would not authorize their stay.  These children were transferred to Sharminub monastery where there was space for them.  Some had lost their parents, others came from extreme poverty; it was impossible to refuse them.  


Very quickly, news spread that children in difficulty were being taken in and cared for at the monastery.  More and more came.  At first, the principals refused.  But when they saw the state of these children, they could do nothing but accept them.  Today, there are 120 boys ranging in age from 4 to 14 years old.  

One of them left with his parents who came searching for him.  A few days later, he asked to come back, preferring the monastery.  He is still there. 
It was necessary to organize their daily life and their education.  Two young acharyas (scholars) managed the classes through volunteers coming from humanitarian educative organizations.  In general, these people only stay two months.  Currently Rachid, a former Dhagpo resident who has become a monk, also teaches some of the courses.

It will be necessary to finance two Nepalese teachers, two Tibetan teachers, and most surely two childcare workers in order to stabilize the education and guardianship of the children.  Fortunately, the association Nepal Care, created by lama Nyima, assures the financing of the necessary material.  Yesterday for example mattresses arrived, financed by the association. 

The arrival of mattresses furnished by Nepal Care

As for the girls, a project for a school is underway near Kalimpong.  It will be undertaken primarily by the association l’Ecole dans le Ciel.  The land has already been purchased, plans are established.  It is a project for a school and a temple dedicated to Chenrezi because the people in the neighbouring villages are principally Buddhist.  The idea is to prepare not only girls but also women in craftsmanship in order to facilitate access to work where they can become autonomous.  If this project interests you, send me a mail ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).  

More than just studies, rituels and playful moments, at the monastery each child participates

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