17th Gyalwa Karmapa"Buddhism is a way of life through which we develop the qualities of our mind.
This way of life is very unusual, as it is a means to attain happiness without harming others.


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 A video in hommage to lama Purtsela, one year after his departure

“Can we still encounter miracles today?” Khandro Rinpoche was asked this very question many years ago while she was teaching at Dhagpo. She responded, “I know of a contemporary miracle [she pointed to lama Purtse]: this man practices the Dharma with perseverance every day of his life without missing even one day.” It was in English, so he didn’t understand why everyone was looking at him with admiration. It was from this remark from Kandroma, I can say, without exaggerating, that it is one of the reasons why Dhagpo is what it is today. For years, it was Lama Purtse who led the three daily rituals: the morning at 7 a.m., late afternoon and then in the evening at 8p.m., he was there! Whether others were there or not, warm weather or cold, if he felt like it or not, he was there! I have to share with you that certain mornings, when to get going is difficult, it is thinking of him that I find the grit to get practicing.

Lama Purtse has the reputation of having travelled the path although he had not studied much. Never-the-less, Thayé Dorjé, His Holiness the XVII° Gyalwa Karmapa said of him, while he was still alive: “He does everything he can to dissipate any misunderstanding that he might have developed in this life or in the past.” Surely, lama Purtse was not well versed in philosophical studies but, he could not have travelled the path and dispelled misunderstanding without practicing reflection, contemplating the key ideas of the teaching. When we talk about study, it is about listening and reflecting upon the teachings, whether they are philosophical or not! That makes lama Purtse a complete practitioner: he was present at all the teachings of masters at Dhagpo, he consecrated his time on Chenrezig meditation and he helped the others when he could.


The Karmapa further said of him: “He assured himself one thing, to preserve his conduct, to follow the Dharma and he will maintain that until his death.” That is what lama Purtse did and we could see the fruits after his death. A year has already gone since he left to do good things for beings elsewhere, continuing his path as a bodhisattva. Many said that for them, he continues to be present daily, remaining a source of inspiration from day to day. Other than the video created on the occasion of this first anniversary and that everyone can see today, we also did the Amitabha practice. There really wasn’t any sadness among the 120 people present; the practice was peaceful and serene. It seemed as if everyone was happy to practice this meditation with the intention of helping others. It was our way of following in the steps of lama Purtse. One thing is certain: he would have been delighted.

Lama Puntso, program director at Dhagpo

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