17th Gyalwa Karmapa"Buddhism is a way of life through which we develop the qualities of our mind.
This way of life is very unusual, as it is a means to attain happiness without harming others.


Center for buddhist studies and meditation

karmapa institute   The Institute: a modest yet modern, durable building
With its unique contemporary architecture, the Institute was conceived to completely integrate into the hilly landscape of the Vezere valley in the black Perigord. Read More

The Institute: a modest yet modern, durable building

karmapa institute   With its unique contemporary architecture, the Institute was conceived to completely integrate into the hilly landscape of the Vezere valley in the black Perigord. The building conception and the choice of materials were made with the intention that the building would be very resistant, with low energy consumption and minimal maintenance expenses.


A building that blends into the local landscape In order for the exterior of the Institute to suit the geographical and architectural specifics of the Perigord Noir, the wooden framework covering the building is meant to resemble the local tobacco hangers. The undulating rooftop in zinc, recalls the rolling hillsides of the area, merging harmoniously with the landscape. The plant-covered rooftop, both aesthetic and ecological, also allows the building to better integrate into its environment.

Interior architecture both functional and spacious The total surface of the building is 1300m² on two levels, or 650m² per level. Situated on the upper level, the large meditation and teaching hall, with a surface of 374 m², allowing a maximum capacity of 750 people. For a more comfortable seating, it will allow for about 400 people. The lower level includes a second meditation and teaching hall of 44 m², a reading room of 108m², and meeting rooms and offices. A large room housing all library documents is also contained on the lower level. In order to provide optimal conditions to preserve texts and documents which will occupy the 180m² of its surface area, the temperature of this room will be constant and no daylight will penetrate this space.

Resistant materials with little upkeep necessary All of the materials used were chosen in regards to their resistance to age and their low need to be maintained with the goal being to make the building as durable as possible and grant long-term savings. The wooden structure exposed to the outside and the frameworks are built in larch. Resistant to humidity, wood-eating insects and aging, this wood needs to be neither treated, nor varnished. Over time, the larch naturally and progressively turns grey with silver like reflections. The fastenings were also chosen with durability criteria. The nuts and bolts in the beams and framework are thus in stainless steel. Completed in zinc, the covering lends itself through its forms to be completely waterproof. Over time, the aspect of this metal will burnish for a better blend with the natural tones surrounding it.

Low energy consumption Superior to the demands of the thermal regulations 2012 (RT2012), the insolating performance of the building is excellent. The heat in the entire building will be through a system of a heat pump. Heat will be diffused through low temperature floor heating on the lower level and air flow in the large hall above. Through a lower speed air flow, the air will be diffused silently. In summertime, the outside pool will cool the south-east side of the building through water evaporation along the wall. This pool can equally serve as an eventual reserve for firemen. The plant-covered rooftop will also allow for better thermal comfort in the building.

Modern and efficient equipment In the large teaching and meditation hall, booths for translation and sound management will provide favorable conditions for the audition and recording of the teachings in several languages. Video recordings of the teachings will also be easier with the installation of three permanent and static video cameras. With excellent acoustics, this large room will also be able to be used as a concert hall.

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