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The Heart Sutra: Understanding Emptiness – 5th session

The Heart Sutra is thus named because it contains the heart of the Buddha’s teaching on emptiness. A very short text, it is the most concise version of the explanation of prajnaparamita, wisdom that leads to the other side, enlightenment. The approach of emptiness corrects our misunderstanding regarding mind and phenomena. It shows us that neither of these have any independent existence, but rather the whole of manifestation operates according to interdependence. Trinlay Rinpoche will explain the meaning of this particularly profound text as well as its context and progression.

Trinlay Rinpoche

Trinlay Rinpoche was recognized as a tülku—manifestation of a Buddhist master—by the 16th Karmapa (1923–1981 C.E.). He is one of the rare tülkus born in the West and his dual culture makes him an exceptional teacher.


• While this teaching is open to all, it requires knowledge of Buddhist philosophy.
• This teaching is given in French; for other languages, contact the welcome office
• In order to allow as many people as possible to follow this teaching, we are also offering simultaneous streaming on YouTube

Course Fee: 23 €/day

In general, when we physically attend this type of teaching, we take part in course fees that cover the expenses the center incurs to make Dharma transmission possible. In light of the current circumstances and the transmission via Youtube intended for the greatest number of people possible, these teachings will be open-access and free of charge. Of course, it is still possible to support Dhagpo’s KDC Congregation by making a (non tax-deductible) donation via Paypal or bank transfer (see the information below for details).

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