Khenpo Chödrak Rinpoché et his translator Christian Masse

What is there to say about some one who spent twelve years of his life studying Buddhist linguistics, dialectics, philosophy, and epistemology and then completed his knowledge with six years of study of the tantras?

What is there to say about some one who is currently one of the principal teachers of the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa?

What is there to say about some one who has been the pillar of Dhagpo’s summer university for more than twenty years? He has transmitted fundamental texts on dharma knowledge as defined by the 16th Karmapa.

What is there to say about this monk who shares his knowledge, vast and profound, with whoever asks it of him?

For those who can take the time to listen to his teachings, he takes them beyond preconceptions and popular notions of the dharma. He surprises his students with unexpected instructions from the heart of the sutras, the commentaries, and the instructions of the masters. He shows that the dharma’s doctrine is not dogmatic; it leads to a process of progressive discovery of reality. In order to accomplish this, there is that which is to be abandoned and that which is to be adopted; he shows us this with all the necessary nuance, dissipating both contradictions and questions that may arise.

“All that one hears must be put to the test of personal reflection; this means using one’s own intelligence to reflect on the meaning of the dharma until not even the slightest doubt remains. When one reflects, doubts are a good thing. The objective is to resolve them. This is true for all practitioners; one must always follow this principal and only apply oneself to practice because one has truly reflected and understood the teachings through our own means and within ourselves.”

This demands serious discipline and at the same time is what renders the dharma accessible, at our own rhythm.
It is up to us to integrate it and live it from within.

And so, what is there to say about the Dharma? Nothing for the moment! Let’s take the time to reflect on it…


We are happy to welcome Khenpo Rinpoche’s participation in Dhagpo’s 40th anniversary.On July 20, at 8:30 pm in the Institute, he will share with us his experience of Dhagpo and of Jigme Rinpoche.