setting free

Today we saved lives. Over one hundred people came out to the vegetable field below Dhagpo to set free over one thousand redworms. Between the rows of recently plowed earth, people stood, holding wire-bound prayer books printed especially for this occasion, and those that will follow. Rinpoche stood at the center, unassuming as ever, chanting the prayers low and steady. Audrey walked among the lines of earth and people, scattering drops from a ritual vase over the wriggling forms in the dirt. Small dark spots stood out among the lettuce where each plastic bag had been carefully opened and emptied.

all out in the field

As we recited the mantra, the sun quietly peeked through the clouds for the first time all day. And though the birds twittered in the trees nearby, nary a one dared to try his luck with our precious prey. These worms will go on to much another day’s worth of dirt. They will aerate the soil and bring life to the vegetables that we will eat here in the summer time. They will carry the blessing through their little worm tunnels all through their little worm lives and with a bit of merit on into the next.

the prayer

This concrete act of benefit is bolstering in light of current events. Facing the dramatic loss of life and other forms of wealth and well-being in Nepal these last few days, it has been hard to know what we can do to help. Despite the enormity of suffering that occurs in this world, we are in some way capable of saving lives. May the merit of this practice reach out and expand to touch all beings in need: human, animal, otherwise.


In addition to joining us throughout the year to continue saving lives (visit our page on life release practice), you can take action to aid those in Nepal by giving to a reliable organization. Dhagpo has partnered with The International Medical Corps and The Infinite Compassion Foundation to ensure that all donations will be used appropriately to help those in need. kids  get up close

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