17th Gyalwa Karmapa"Buddhism is a way of life through which we develop the qualities of our mind.
This way of life is very unusual, as it is a means to attain happiness without harming others.


Meditation and Study Retreat


Lama Jigme Rinpoche 



Thursday, May 10–Sunday, May 13

We will continue the cycle of meditation retreats; the aim of the yearly retreats with Lama Jigme Rinpoche is to give us the means to acquire correct understanding of ourselves and the world and to train in authentic meditation. Over the course of this retreat, Rinpoche will give practice instructions and guide meditation sessions. This course is accessible for beginners as well as those already familiar with meditation.

Born in 1949, Jigme Rinpoche received directly from the 16th Karmapa the entirety of the transmissions. After 40 years spent in Europe, Rinpoche has acquired a profound knowledge of Westerners. His teaching and his example inspire practitioners and all who meet him across the world. Today, he is the General Secretary of the 17th Karmapa and the author of numerous works that render Buddhism accessible to all. Certain of his teachings have been transcribed and are available in the form of booklets. 


Teacher(s) : Lama Jigme Rinpoche and Dhagpo's Lamas and Druplas


Complementary Activities to the Morning Teaching
Each day, two community members who regularly take part in the curriculum of study and practice will share the fruits of their training; they will give explanations of The Gateway to Knowledge, a text by Mipham Rinpoche transmitted to them by Khenpo Chodrak Rinpoche.

Karma Tsultim Namdak will lead one daily session of Qi Gong.

Course begins: Thursday, May 10 at 11 am
Course ends: Sunday, May 13 at 12:30 pm


The teaching is given in English and translated into French; for other languages, see www.dhagpo.org/sejour


Course Fee: 23 €/day


- Pre-registration
To make sure you can attend a course, one should pre-register at the welcome office at least one week before the beginning of the course, by mail or phone.

- Registration
Registrations take place the day before the course from 2.30 pm until 6 pm and the first day of the course from 8.30 am.

- Meals
Sign up for your meal as soon as you arrive at the office (accueil):

  • before 10 am for lunch, 
  • before 5 pm for dinner.

If you cannot sign up upon your arrival, you may do it by mail or telephone, either the day before or the same day

Eating nearby the center:
Restaurants and Caterers within a 15 km radius of the center


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