When Practice Expresses Gratitude…

Initially intended to last three weeks, but shortened to accommodate Karmapa’s visit at the end of the month, a grand accumulation of the mantra of compassion—also called the “vast accumulation of gratitude”—began July 11 and will conclude on July 22. Free and open to all, this activity takes place daily from ten am to noon […]

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Trinley Rinpoche’s Homage to Shamarpa

More than one year after Shamarpa’s departure (June 11), as we approach the anniversary of his cremation (July 31), his memory remains as bright as ever in the minds of all those who had the opportunity to meet him—many times for certain among us. Few people had the chance to know him as well as […]

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The Rescue of Seventy Quails

Last Sunday was once again the opportunity to come together for the practice of Saving Lives as part of Dhagpo’s 40th anniversary: a memorable moment during Trinley Rinpoche’s course.

This practice connects us with the passage of time, the value of life, and its precious and impermanent nature. Life release reminds us of the importance of […]

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Remembering Shamar Rinpoche: One Student’s Personal Account

So, Shamarpa died a year ago. At Dhagpo, we devoted this time between the two dates of his departure (in the Tibetan and Western calendars) to practice in his memory, to connect with him, and for his swift return.
It is still hard for me to figure out what his death means. The man I knew, […]

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Nurturing The Connection: Commemorations of Shamar Rinpoche’s Parinirvana

Celebrating an anniversary is a group affair. We gather together around an event in order to nurture a shared memory. The reminder, the awareness, the gratitude that we practice individually in this way become collective. This is why the celebrations of the first anniversary of the parinirvana of Kunzig Shamar Rinpoche are important for all […]

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