Homage to a Valiant Heart

Jigme Rinpoche, Disciple and Master
He is that rare kind of bodhisattva who deploys an activity without it being visible. Such bodhisattvas are sometimes compared to the air, which is all around us, imperceptible, and yet beneficial for all. Jigme Rinpoche is one of these bodhisattvas.
He grew up close to the 16th Karmapa. From his earliest […]

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Khenpo Chödrak Rinpoche: An Invitation to Journey…through Study

What is there to say about some one who spent twelve years of his life studying Buddhist linguistics, dialectics, philosophy, and epistemology and then completed his knowledge with six years of study of the tantras?

What is there to say about some one who is currently one of the principal teachers of the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa?

What […]

Dhagpo Past, Present, Future…The Vision of Elected

It’s a good idea. On the occasion of the fortieth anniversary, let’s assemble the mayors and other elected officials who have participated Dhagpo’s live starting from its creation, and let’s have them share their vision of this story, one a bit out of the ordinary for them.

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40 Years Or No, Gratitude Abides

40 Years or No, Gratitude Abides

When we began reflecting on Dhagpo’s 40th anniversary, anything was possible, so I’ll spare you the most farfetched ideas we came up with. The question was simple: how do we celebrate 14,600 days of activity, thousands of course participants—from the simply curious to the committed practitioner, hundreds of the most […]