The Seal of Blessing

On November 2, 1977, the 16th Karmapa, Rangjung Dorje (1924 – 1981), carried out a week of Korlo Demchok practice, a profound Vajrayana practice, at the summit of the Cote de Jor.

Through this intensive practice, 16th Karmapa took possession of the place and, on this autumn day, sealed the blessing of the Karma Kagyü lineage […]

Sharing History with Jigme Rinpoche

For Dhagpo’s 40th anniversary, we come together to celebrate history. And in the process, we find ourselves experiencing the next steps in the history we are celebrating. We witness the steps taken by all those who came before and we take the next steps into the future together, carrying with us all that has been […]

Homage to a Valiant Heart

Jigme Rinpoche, Disciple and Master
He is that rare kind of bodhisattva who deploys an activity without it being visible. Such bodhisattvas are sometimes compared to the air, which is all around us, imperceptible, and yet beneficial for all. Jigme Rinpoche is one of these bodhisattvas.
He grew up close to the 16th Karmapa. From his earliest […]

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Transformation By Way Of Snails

Today we saved snails. And pigeons, too. We trekked up to a hidden hillside that I had never noticed just beside Dhagpo, rife with lupines and wild grasses, Technicolor in contrast with the sky’s somber tones.

The snails smelled like ocean and tried to squeeze their wet bodies through the mesh tubes containing them. They reached […]

Helping Each Other Out: A First Round of Life Release Practice

Today we saved lives. Over one hundred people came out to the vegetable field below Dhagpo to set free over one thousand redworms. Between the rows of recently plowed earth, people stood, holding wire-bound prayer books printed especially for this occasion, and those that will follow. Rinpoche stood at the center, unassuming as ever, chanting […]