The Meeting of Generations: Buddhism and Education Five Good Reasons to Get Into this Seminar

At Dhagpo, on August 22 and 23, a seminar called, “The Meeting of Generations—Seminar: Buddhism and Education” will take place in the context of Dhagpo’s fortieth anniversary. If you are wondering if it’s worth getting into, here are five good reason to take an interest.
1. Education and intergenerational topics are among the foundational points in […]

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The Kagyü Lineage: Buddhism Alive Today

Nourishing Trust
For more than 2,500 years, Buddhism has remained a living experience present in the world. The Buddha is an example; the texts have been preserved and authentic masters continue to transmit them. All of the conditions necessary for spiritual practice remain present. But how is it that we have not lost any of these […]

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An Interreligious Meeting at Dhagpo: When Dialogue Enriches Us

The Meeting of Two Destinies
While in 1946, Robert Le Gall is born at Saint-Hilaire-du-Harcouët, three years later, Jigme Rinpoche comes into the world in Kham, in Eastern Tibet.
Soon thereafter, Jigme Rinpoche moves to Tsurphu, to Karmapa’s monastery in Tibet, and then, in 1959, to Rumtek Monastery in Sikkim, in North India, accompanied by the Karmapa […]

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Lama Jampa Thaye: A Source of Inspiration.

“One of the great Western dharma teachers is my dharma regent, Lama Jampa Thaye. He is not only a great scholar, but also a great dharma practitioner.”
Karma Trinley Rinpoche (Sakya Tulku, 4th of his name). This summarizes well who Lama Jampa Thaye is.
For several years now he has been coming to teach at Dhagpo. A […]

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Some Friendly Advice for Meeting a Bodhisattva

Meeting a bodhisattva is a form of practice
One can summarize the Buddha’s teaching in multitudes of ways. Practicing the dharma involves changing our habits and dissipating obscurations of the mind, in other words, changing our way of understanding to leave space for wisdom. If we take inspiration from Gampopa, the path unfolds in four steps:

– […]

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Khenpo Chödrak Rinpoche: An Invitation to Journey…through Study

What is there to say about some one who spent twelve years of his life studying Buddhist linguistics, dialectics, philosophy, and epistemology and then completed his knowledge with six years of study of the tantras?

What is there to say about some one who is currently one of the principal teachers of the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa?

What […]

Gratitude for Impermanence? Why Not!

A question arises: Why have a teaching on impermanence among the events celebrating Dhagpo’s fortieth anniversary? Because these are forty years of training in “inner wealth” that we are celebrating. And one of the means of cultivating inner wealth is by contemplating impermanence. Gratitude for impermanence! Can we say it? Why not; it is also […]

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Nurturing The Connection: Commemorations of Shamar Rinpoche’s Parinirvana

Celebrating an anniversary is a group affair. We gather together around an event in order to nurture a shared memory. The reminder, the awareness, the gratitude that we practice individually in this way become collective. This is why the celebrations of the first anniversary of the parinirvana of Kunzig Shamar Rinpoche are important for all […]

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