Seeds for the Future: Planting Trees at Dhagpo

Welcome to 2016. Even as the Western calendar rolls over, the Tibetan year continues for a little while more. Dhagpo’s fortieth anniversary carries on up through Losar , this coming February. We closed out 2015 with Jigme Rinpoche’s annual study and meditation retreat. To continue the celebration of Dhagpo’s fortieth anniversary, we took […]

The Seal of Blessing

On November 2, 1977, the 16th Karmapa, Rangjung Dorje (1924 – 1981), carried out a week of Korlo Demchok practice, a profound Vajrayana practice, at the summit of the Cote de Jor.

Through this intensive practice, 16th Karmapa took possession of the place and, on this autumn day, sealed the blessing of the Karma Kagyü lineage […]

Being Present, A Skill Worth Developing: Two Voices from a Seminar


I took part in the seminar as a participant, while Puntso animated it. We decided to put our experiences together to share with two voices, two points of view, two visions, to truly bring to life this seminar on being present for those who were not there.

Barbara: Dhagpo’s 40th anniversary, which unfolds along the theme […]

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A Weekend History of the Kagyu Lineage

In the heart of Dhagpo’s Institute and of Perigordine summer, the three days dedicated to the History of the Kagyü Lineage offered an occasion for all to voyage in space and time. The occasion, as well, in light of Dhagpo’s fortieth anniversary to commemorate the benevolence of our masters and to experience immense gratitude for […]

Being Present: A Skill Worth Developing

A message from Ani Trinlé to introduce this weekend’s seminar…
 October 17 and 18, a seminar organized in the context of Dhagpo’s 40th Anniversary will unite top-level speakers to discuss this topic. Chistophe Fauré, Pascale Vinant, and Dominique Davous do us the kindness of returning to Dhagpo to celebrate this anniversary, each having previously partaken in one […]

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The Library: A Step Toward Freedom

Dhagpo’s fortieth anniversary is also the birth of a library. I won’t recount in this article the history of the library that, today, is open to all and houses several thousand works; I’ll let you click here if you’d like to discover it.
What I’d like to talk with you about, on the other hand, is […]

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Education, Youth, and Buddhism at Dhagpo

August 22 and 23, an inter-generational seminar called “Buddhism and Education” took place for the first time at Dhagpo. Making up part of the series of events planned to mark Dhagpo’s fortieth anniversary throughout the course of the year 2015-16, it gave the opportunity to look back on a project begun nearly twenty-five years ago […]

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A Reunion for Lama Jigme Rinpoche and Monsignor Le Gall

Let us remember the principal vocation of the Institute : the sharing of knowledge, notably through exchange, conferences, and round tables. This is, in effect, one of the five wishes expressed by the 16th Karmapa in order to allow for the Buddha’s teaching to sustainably take root in Europe.

On August 16th, the Institute’s teaching hall hosted an interreligious […]

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The Meeting of Generations: Buddhism and Education Five Good Reasons to Get Into this Seminar

At Dhagpo, on August 22 and 23, a seminar called, “The Meeting of Generations—Seminar: Buddhism and Education” will take place in the context of Dhagpo’s fortieth anniversary. If you are wondering if it’s worth getting into, here are five good reason to take an interest.
1. Education and intergenerational topics are among the foundational points in […]

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